Below are direct contacts in each of the colleges and throughout the university that are safe and affirming resources for you to ask questions and seek out resources.

Community for Excellence

JoAnn Yoshida Cornell (Pronouns: She/her/hers)
Director of Asian/Pacific American Cultural Center
Lory Student Center, Room 333
(970) 491-6154

JoAnn Yoshida Cornell was born in Denver, raised in Lakewood and graduated from Alameda High School.  She earned her Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Education from Colorado State University.  She is a first generation college student.  JoAnn was fortunate to have mentors who challenged her and encouraged her to try new things.  JoAnn has served as an academic advisor, assisted with internships, and worked as a career counselor.  She enjoys working with students and finding ways to connect students with resources, people, and opportunities.

Dora Frias (Pronouns: She/her/hers)
Director of El Centro
Lory Student Center, Room 225

Dora S. Frias is currently the Director of El Centro at Colorado State University. Previously, she served as the Director of the Pride Resource Center at Colorado State University after serving as the Program Director of Latinx Student Services at the University of Colorado Denver. She was born in Durango, Mexico and grew up El Paso, TX.  She earned her B.S. from Texas A&M University in Kinesiology and her M.S. at Colorado State University in Student Affairs in Higher Education. Dora has worked as a physical and health educator in the K-12 educational system and has spent the last 8 years working in Student Affairs and Higher Education, specializing in social justice education and advocating for underrepresented students on a variety of campuses across the country. Dora is a Co-Lead facilitator for the LeaderShape Institute, a graduate of the Social Justice Training Institute and has been featured on a Higher Ed Live episode titled “LGBTQ + Latinx Issues in Student Affairs.” Through her work with students she hopes to create a community that fosters mutual respect, justice and equality for all. Outside of all that, she enjoy cooking, listening to QTLatinx podcasts, and spending time with her partner, their kiddo and family.

Connie Jaime-Lujan

Connie Jaime-Lujan
Associate Director for University Access and Success with the Access Center at Colorado State University
Student Services Building, Room 311
(970) 491-4035

Connie earned her Bachelors of Science and Masters of Education degrees from Colorado State University. As a limited-income and first-generation college student, Connie was very fortunate to have had several inspirational people assist her in navigating the college process. She benefited greatly from these individuals’ assistance and believes in empowering others in the same way.

Miel McCarthy

Miel McCarthy (Pronouns: She/her/hers)
Assistant Director, First Generation and Foundation Scholarships
Community for Excellence Scholar Programs
Collaborative for Student Achievement, Stadium East #239
(970) 491-6975

Miel grew up in the Northern Colorado area and her experience growing up in a low-income, single-parent home was what inspired her work in encouraging students along their journey to pursue higher education. She graduated from CSU with a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts, Media Studies and a Master’s degree in Social Work. The path to graduation included a lot of confusion about major, lack of preparation, a need to work, and poor time management skills, which are all things Miel enjoys helping students manage.

Career Center

Amy Cailene (Pronouns: She/her/hers)
Career Education Coordinator
Lory Student Center, Room 120
(970) 491-4897

Amy Cailene works in the Career Center as the Career Education Manager for the College of Natural Sciences. Her professional focus includes STEM majors as well as students who are undocumented. Amy empowers people to achieve their goals by helping them to recognize their strengths and creating step-by-step action plans with smart career strategies for success. She recognizes the humanity in everyone, and the universal right to rise to one’s highest potential.

College of Agricultural Sciences

Katie Harmann

Katie Hartmann
Agricultural and Resource Economics
Coordinator of Undergraduate Programs
Clark Building, Room B338
(970) 491-7307

I have a BS in Zoology and an M.Ed in Educational Leadership, Renewal, and Change with a secondary science teaching license from CSU. I have been working with at risk students in science and agriculture since then and am pursuing my PhD in Education Sciences. I love to help students learn, reach their educational and professional goals, and assist them through the educational process. I also live on a small farm in Fort Collins and have sheep, chickens, goats, a llama, and too many dogs.

College of Business

Tonja Rosales

Tonja Rosales (Pronouns: She/her/hers)
Assistant Director, Academic Advisor
Rockwell West, Room 110
(970) 491-5474

Tonja Rosales has over 20 years of professional experience that includes recruitment, employee training and orientation, candidate selection and appraisal performance. Most of her career Tonja has been at Colorado State University in a number of different jobs and departments such as the College of Natural Sciences, the Athletic Department, and the College of Business.  She is currently the Assistant Director for Undergraduate Programs in the College of Business.

Tonja holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Psychology and Communication and a Master’s degree in Education and Human Resource Studies. She also has a number of certificates, including Mediation and Innovative Marketing.

Currently, Tonja lives just outside of Fort Collins with her partner and daughter and loves to travel the world and develop strong relationships with people.

College of Engineering

Shannon Wagner

Shannon Wagner
Manager of Student Success Initiatives
Scott Building, Room 102
(970) 491-0716

My experiences in orientation, advising and residence life/housing make me a strong resource for students as they navigate their respective paths at CSU.  Overall, I love working with students and am happy to help support them in any way I can.

College of Health and Human Sciences

Anna Fontanna

Anna Fontana
Construction Management
Assistant Professor, Internship & Outreach Coordinator
Guggenheim Hall, Room 113A
(970) 491-4610

Anna graduated from the Construction Management program in 1997. She then went on to work with DPR Construction, Inc. in Redwood City, California as a project manager until 2006, when she returned to Fort Collins, Colorado.  Anna received her Master of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering in Construction Management from Stanford University in 2006.  She has been working in the Construction Management Department at CSU since January 2007 and co-teaches a KEY Academic course in CM and the CM pre-internship seminar & required internship course helping to place students and prepare them for their internships and careers.

Kattie Ditter

Katie Ditter (Pronouns: She/her/hers)
Human Development & Family Studies
Coordinator of Undergraduate Advising
Behavioral Sciences Building, Room 310
(970) 491-7423

Katie is originally from Wisconsin. She attended CU-Boulder before finishing her undergraduate degree in English at the University of Wisconsin, and Master’s degree in Counseling at Marquette University. She helps students connect with courses, people, and experiences that empower them to succeed academically and personally. Katie enjoys getting out to run on Ft. Collins trails, reading, and traveling.

College of Liberal Arts

Elizabeth Terry-Emmot

Elizabeth Terry-Emmot (Pronouns: She/her/hers)
Director and International Studies Major | Academic Success Coordinator and Key Advisor
Clark Building, Room C207, Main Office
(970) 491-3117

Elizabeth Terry-Emmot is the Director of the CLA Advising Center and serves as the primary advisor for the International Studies Major. She was a First Generation college student and has advised for many majors within the College of Liberal Arts as well as previously for undeclared students. In her time at CSU, Elizabeth has been involved in the Non-Traditional Student Club, the Philosophy Club, the Student Alumni Connection, the on campus international communities and has helped facilitate at the Multicultural Leadership retreat several times and facilitated at the student of color retreat in the past. Elizabeth loves to travel and is very interested in international topics. She loves advising students in International Studies and truly enjoys helping students get the most from their education at CSU and their study abroad experiences. She is dedicated to teaching students how to manage their education and lives while in college in order to move them towards independence and self-sufficiency in their lives as adults after college.

Sarah Wernsing

Sarah Wernsing
Academic Support Coordinator
Eddy Building, Room 209
(walk-in hours Tuesdays 1-3 p.m.)
(970) 491-3117

Sarah Wernsing is currently an advisor for English and Economics students for the College of Liberal Arts. Prior to working in higher education, Sarah taught English in Slovakia, worked in a bookstore, and directed a youth and children’s program.  When not at work, Sarah enjoys spending time outdoors with her family, playing hide and seek with her two kids, cooking, eating chocolate, and writing.

College of Natural Sciences

Lisa Dysleski

Lisa Dysleski
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs
Statistics Building, Room 110
(970) 491-5397

Lisa is originally from New Jersey. She earned an undergraduate degree from Mary Washington College in Fredericksburg, Virginia with a double major in Chemistry and Performing Arts, and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Colorado State University. Her job at CSU is to collaborate with partners across campus to improve the experience for undergraduate science students. Outside of work she enjoys hanging out with her many pets, running long distances, and her new obsession: CrossFit.

Arlene Nededog

Arlene Nededog
Director of Inclusion
Statistics Building, Room 117
(970) 491-2036 | C: (970) 690-3404

Arlene Nededog, Director of Inclusion received her M.Ed. degree in 1983 and bachelor’s in 1979 from Colorado State University. She has been at Colorado State University since 1985.  She joined the dean’s office in 1998, bringing with her a background in diversity, TRIO and advising programs. Currently, she is the Director of Inclusion in the College of Natural Sciences, working with the college to develop and guide a comprehensive strategy for retention, diversity, and inclusion for the college.  Previously, she served as the Director of Enrichment and Engagement, and worked with learning communities, led academic support services, retention initiatives and served as advisor for several diverse College of Natural Sciences student organizations.  In addition, she serves as the CSU Site Coordinator for the Colorado Wyoming Alliance for Minority Participation (CO/WY AMP).  Combined with these roles she has been actively involved in diversity training and as a steadfast community member, she serves as a committee participant across the campus and throughout Ft. Collins because of her experience and knowledge with diversity.

Office of The Vice President for Student Affairs

Registrar's Office

Maile Bergknut

Maile Bergknut
Customer Service Specialist
Centennial Hall, Room 100
(970) 491-3191

I graduated from CSU in 2003. I am also a VPEA ASSET Implementation Committee Member, a DreamZone supporter, and a DREAMer supporter.

Warner College of Natural Resources

Paul Layden

Paul Layden (Pronouns: He/him/his)
Human Dimensions of Natural Resources
Instructor | Internship Coordinator |
Undergraduate Coordinator
Forestry Building, Room 203
(970) 491-7393

Bio: Paul teaches a professional preparation course and coordinates internships for all undergraduate students in the HDNR department. He provides academic and career counseling to students and works with several employers each year to create new internships or improve existing internships. He also teaches an event-planning course, co-teaches a natural resource ecology and measurements field course at the Mountain Campus and serves on several committees to improve the undergraduate experience.